One on One with Evanescence Front Woman Amy Lee

Martes, Sep 1, 2020

From the days of “Bring Me To Life”  20 years ago, to the brand new single “Use My Voice” and everything in between, we had a chat with lead singer and front woman Amy Lee on what it’s like creating new music in quarantine, what we can expect to hear from their new album and the most memorable moments over the past 20 years.

What is the process like when creating a new video in quarantine?

 Well we have been learning as we go. We found ourselves in an impossible situation this year as far as making a video the typical way, but what I really believe about art is that the feeling, the heart, is more important than the production quality. We looked at the world around us and all felt big feelings, but only had phones. So we just did our best to capture those feelings on our phones! For both quarantine videos we did, we got a basic idea, look and collection of shot goals with our long time director Paul Brown, then all independently went and tried to collect them, and also just used the moments and surroundings given to us from beyond our control to show how we felt and what we were going through. A lot of my favorite footage I got was spontaneous. A willingness to be vulnerable has been key both times, because if you can’t rely on pristine quality, you have to rely on authenticity (which is more important anyway).

The entertainment industry has had a huge blow from COVID-19, are there any takeaways or things you have learnt over this time? 

I have a new appreciation for things I had been taking for granted. You tour a lot and it all starts to feel normal, frustrating at times even. I can’t believe I ever complained about bus life. I would LOVE to live on the tour bus right now!!! I miss the shows most of all. It is such a beautiful   feeling connecting simultaneously with thousands of humans on a deep level through a crushing wave of sound….Ok we’re gonna have to change the subject now I’m just missing the hell out of tour.

It’s been almost 20 years since your first album was released, how has Evanescence evolved since then?

I can’t sum this up, it’s just so much. I can speak from a personal level- my perspective has greatly changed. I was 21 then. Now I’m a mum, I’ve played in front of millions of people and toured 6 out of 7 continents many times (Antarctica, you’re next!), I’ve said goodbye to my little brother who was one of my all time best friends, I’ve seen my set on fire and I’ve fought new battles within myself after defeating the obvious monsters in my life. If all that isn’t inspiration enough for a new album then I’m dead inside (we’re making a new album).

We cannot wait for your new album, what can we expect to hear?

Me not holding back. With a band of musicians behind me that are not only incredibly skilled, but full of fire themselves. 

What has been your most memorable moment as band so far? 

I can’t pick one! Getting to attend the Nobel peace prize ceremony and play the concert for some of the most inspiring humans on earth in 2011 was pretty amazing. Selling out the Sydney Opera house 2 nights in a row on our Synthesis tour was an unforgettable experience as well.

Can you give us any hints on when we will be able to see Evanescence back on the stage again?                                

As soon as we are able to do so safely, we will be there!

Source: Insider