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WagakkiBand’s single “Sakura Rising” feat Amy Lee is Out Now

Lunes, Sep 21, 2020
WagakkiBand’s single “Sakura Rising” feat Amy Lee is Out Now

WagakkiBand put out a brand new single titled Sakura Rising featuring the heavenly voice of Amy Lee, lead singer of american band Evanescence. The song arrived on September 18 to digital platforms and will be included as the lead track in WagakkiBand’s upcoming full album Tokyo Singing, which comes out on October 14.

The single Sakura Rising was accompanied by an animated lyric video—a collaboration between Japanese and American illustrators—that depicts the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on everybody’s life.

The sakura (cherry blossom) in the video is used as a symbol of how people are still connected despite being physically apart. This is best exemplified by the collaboration between WagakkiBand and Amy Lee as they were hard at work even during the lockdown. While the collaboration song Sakura Rising took shape with guitarist Machiya and Amy in the studio a day before the joint performance in Osaka, it was only pieced together and finished later by exchanging audio files online, from Japan to the US, vice versa.

The members of both parties shared their thoughts on the experience:

Amy Lee of Evanescence

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A New Live Version of “Bring Me To Life” from Wagakkiband with Amy Lee

Jueves, Sep 17, 2020
A New Live Version of “Bring Me To Life” from Wagakkiband with Amy Lee

Wagakkiband released today a full new live version of “Bring Me To Life” with Amy Lee from their DVD Premium Symphonic Night Vol. 2.

You can watch it below plus a extended preview of “Sakura Rising”

Sakura Rising

Amy Lee in Songwriter Universe

Martes, Sep 15, 2020
Amy Lee in Songwriter Universe

Interview by Dale Kawashima

Amy Lee has been the lead singer & main songwriter of rock band Evanescence since its inception. The band first broke through in 2003 with their multi-platinum debut album Fallen, and they subsequently won Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance. Evanescence has also had the worldwide hits “Bring Me to Life,” “My Immortal” and “Call Me When You’re Sober.”

Since then, the band has released three more albums (The Open DoorEvanescence and Synthesis), but it’s been nine years since they released an album of all new material. This is about to change, because Evanescence is getting ready to release an album of new songs, called The Bitter Truth.

Here’s an excerpt of our interview with Amy Lee of Evanescence, who explains what inspired her to write the band’s new anthem, “Use My Voice.”

We are pleased to do this new Q&A interview with Amy Lee of Evanescence. She discussed the making of the band’s new album The Bitter Truth, and what inspired her to write their excellent new song, “Use My Voice.”

DK: I like the three new songs you’ve released from your upcoming album, The Bitter Truth. Can you talk about the making of this album?

Amy Lee: This has been a different process for us. Even pre-pandemic, I wanted to do this in a different way. Instead of getting all of our songs written and ready to go, and then going in the studio and recording it the traditional way all at once, I had been enjoying the way that we’ve structured our schedule the past couple of years, in that we just keep breaking things up. We would go on tour for about six weeks, and then come off, get a little catch-up time with our family, and then get together and write music. Then we would go back on tour, and we did a type of music and touring that was very different, with a full orchestra.

Part of [this approach] came from learning how to be better at multi-tasking after becoming a mom, because you simply cannot have that much time to do one thing all at once (laughs), and you have to learn to go with the flow of life. So I’ve learned something about myself creatively. I don’t need to finish something all at once. I can set something down when I get frustrated or stuck with it, and do something else for a minute, and come back to it with fresh perspective and work on it more.

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Sneak Peak and Images of “Sakura Rising” from WagakkiBand ft Amy Lee

Sábado, Sep 12, 2020
Sneak Peak and Images of “Sakura Rising” from WagakkiBand ft Amy Lee

All the sneak peak and images of “Sakura Rising” put together from WagakkiBand(和楽器バンド) featuring Amy Lee. Out in 18/09

ESTA NOCHE: Amy Lee en Radio Futuro

Viernes, Sep 11, 2020
ESTA NOCHE: Amy Lee en Radio Futuro

Esta noche y desde las 20:00 horas (Chile 🇨🇱) Matilda Svensson se conecta con la gran Amy Lee de Evanescence. Nuevas canciones, mujeres en el ambiente musical y mucho más.

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WDHA’s “Reconnect With Rockers” featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence

Jueves, Sep 10, 2020
WDHA’s “Reconnect With Rockers” featuring Amy Lee from Evanescence

Episode 28 of “Reconnect” was a really special one for me. I have long admired Amy Lee and Evanescence as the leaders of a sound revolution where no rules, genres or limitation applies. The drum was their own to beat. They marched to no one but themselves.

Speaking with Amy was and honor and such a natural conversation that all the questions I planned on touching upon flew out the window when we began to chat! It literally was like chatting with a close friend.

We covered the bands new musical journey with “The Bitter Truth”, their single “Use My Voice” and why being heard and counted is so important. We also touched upon some of the hardships of being a woman in rock and how Amy feels a certain freedom and liberation as an artist.

Truly one of my favorite chats ever. Thanks Amy….We will continue to bring you the ROCK!

Source: WDHA Radio